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HS-2011001: Two Songs by This, Not This!

Two Songs is a promotional CD distributed at two shows played by This, Not This! during the 2011 Portland Rose Festival. Recorded by the band members in their home studios and containing their two songs Flotsam and Takeaway, Two Songs is a vibrant audio portrait of the band at this time, highlighting the tight harmonies and hook laden pop that is the hallmark of This, Not This! The official versions of these two songs will appear on their upcoming premier CD, This, Not This!

For more information on This, Not This!, visit the band's website at  http://www.thisnotthis.com/.  For information on ordering or for more information about the CD, contact us here or visit Hancock Street ReleasesRecords’ website.

Running Time: 8:17


  1. Flotsam
  2. Takeaway
Producer: Frank Adrian
Featuring Travis Chapman on violin.