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HS-2011002: This, Not This!

Release Date: 16 January 2012

The premier EP from Portland's This, Not This! features six songs that rock hard with catchy lyrics and hooky choruses. The band, formed in 2010, has been playing Portland venues and festivals for the past year and have become local favorites. Featuring Tia Bren on lead vocals, Dave Wakeling on drums and vocals, Frank Adrian on bass and vocals, and Gary Weber and Phil Koehn on guitars, the band is known for its smart and engaging lyrics and tight harmonies. In the past year, the band has crafted its live show and polished its material. Tia says that "... we have about three dozen songs we play regularly, but these six are the best of the bunch."

For more information on This, Not This!, visit the band's website at  http://www.thisnotthis.com/.  For information on ordering or for more information about the CD, contact us here or visit Hancock Street Records’ website.

Running Time: 20:40


Flotsam (3:53)
Bringin' It (2:42)
License to Fly (3:19)
Takeaway (4:20)
Bittersweet (3:02)
(We Wanna Be a) One Hit Wonder (3:12)

Producer: Frank Adrian and This, Not This!